February 4: You Aughta Know This Week

This week, a ridiculous memo, the continuing quest to diagnose girls with autism, and my own struggles with the lack of understanding about adults with ADHD.

This Week in ADHD

I don’t have an article with new help on how to deal with ADHD. I saw a real life friend post a link I’ve posted here before, decrying that while she had nearly every symptom of ADHD as a woman, she couldn’t get a diagnosis. That makes me feel very lucky, for while it may seem lonely in my adult ADHDness, at least I know for sure that’s what makes me feel so different from everyone else.

It’s been a rough weekend for feeling misunderstood. Someone very nice tried to help me sort out my piles of ADHD at home. Unfortunately, it went about as well as it could, which is to say I was able to find items later but not without some effort. My benefactor knew where everything was, but of course it was disconcerting.

I took on a number of ill-fated projects. My brother drove nearly two hours to help me put together a shelf in my son’s room, after I saw there was no way I could finish it before bed time on my own. I drilled an anchor into a wall crooked, and then fought for the better part of an hour to install a wall mount with just the screws. All’s well that ends well, I guess, but I never should have been so ambitious. Secure with the knowledge that this is what ADHD folks do–try to do everything in less time than it would take an expert–I have to learn to chalk it up to my ADHD tendencies instead of a massive failure on my part.

This Week in Autism

Robyn at Autism in Our Nest wrote about the need for better ways to identify girls with autism and it really got me thinking. My son has so many “he can’t have autism” qualities like being loving (i.e., qualities that are not lacking in autistic people, but rather in public understanding of autistic people). Were it not for unrelated delays in walking, he almost certainly would not have been properly diagnosed until years from now. And he’s a little boy. How many girls will go through school with absolutely no accommodations ever because they won’t be diagnosed? How many will always feel different and never know why? And how many will never find their tribe because they don’t know to look in autistic communities?

This Week in Politics

After several days of hype, a memo proving nothing has been released, reviewed, and is totally ridiculous. There’s nothing substantive to attack because it’s simply a poorly organized list of nothing.

And here are the podcasts, movies, and articles on my media list this week.

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  1. Hey, thanks! Yeah, there are definitely some gender differences that I tend point out, but I agree – it definitely also takes a trained eye to see autism when it is not severe in both boys and girls. Thanks again for the mention!

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