February 3: On a Related Note

Washington Post: Unbought and unbossed. Shirley Chisholm and her 50 years of awesome slogan.

New York Times: What about patients and their freedom of religion?! Finally an article that mentions patients in the conversation about health care providers and conscience clauses!

Podcast: Broad Experience covers our worries about the backlash to the #MeToo movement.

Mandarin Mama blogs about what she’s leaving behind in 2018.

The Mighty: Lularoe sales rep mocks intellectually disabled and NDSS says heck no.

Movie: I Am Not Your Negro.

Autism in Our Nest talks the need to find better ways to diagnose girls with autism.

Stim the Line: Autistic Bill of Rights (shareable image).

Podcast Call Your Girlfriend talks being ruthlessly yourself with Morgan Jerkins.

Best of Both Worlds podcast on work-life balance with badass Leanne Sowul.

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