My son was diagnosed with autism and the doctor who ran the evaluation could tell me nothing about what research I should review, or what treatment other than ABA was evidence-based. When even doctors can’t sort through the research in order to improve treatment recs, it’s not a good sign for us who are new to the tribe.

It’s early in the game. I don’t know what I’m going to find. But while I have the bandwidth to do so, I’ll post what I find here.

It is a relief to find not just one but a number of blogs written by people with autism. These are the voices this autism parent needs to hear. It’s my desire to share the best of those, too.

Finally, while I don’t know where on the spectrum my son will end up, I do know that all children with autism deserve the right to live their best lives. While laws mandating coverage for ABA in theory help all children, the reality is that 9% of Americans don’t have insurance. Those who do may have to fight their insurance companies to get the right care for their child. Or their local regional center or school.

Is ABA available in every community? Are there other treatments that could help if only they were studied or results of studies were more widely known? And we all know some people aren’t diagnosed until adulthood.

It’s my commitment to fight for all children and adults with autism, not just the little guy who lights up my life.

And to my fellow autism parents, wherever you are, if you’re reading this, you’re not alone.