May 20: Conquering the IEP

This week: neurodiversity for the win.

First, the royal wedding did not disappoint. As the mother of two sons and as the daughter of a man who died many years before her wedding, there were so many tears. His mother would have been so very happy. At one point as the wedding began, his older brother looked at him and a brief look of relief crossed his face, like there was a significant stretch of time where he wasn’t sure he would one day be standing next to his brother at his wedding. The new Duchess of Sussex put together a truly remarkable wedding that was much more than could have been expected given royal constraints that saw Meghan criticized for wearing a loose bun. Luckily she couldn’t care less about senseless protocol.

But, on to the IEP. I’m trying a new ADHD medicine that is really helping. As luck would have it, I was able to hyperfocus during a huge week for my son.

It was nice to roll into my son’s IEP meeting feeling confident that we were prepared and ready to fight for him. My husband is the presenter and I’m the researcher. We each used our strengths. It was good. And being neurodiverse myself was very useful as the group discussed the next step in his education. I was never diagnosed and managed to make it through school with zero accommodations. I will not let the same happen to my son.

We are waiting to confirm his placement next week so we are not celebrating yet. We have some other concerns that will require follow up before we sign on the dotted line.

I am going to be putting together a short series of posts on the IEP. While I managed to find resources, it was not easy. So I am making my own to share. Expect the first one this week.

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