May 19: On a Related Note

Another week of articles and podcasts, below.

Podcast: Science Vs talks ketogenic diet. I’m not into giving diet advice, but have found the slow carb diet, created by Tim Ferriss who is a huge keto diet fan, to be the only lifestyle change I can keep up long term.

Podcast: Stay Tuned with Preet features leadership expert Adam Grant.

Podcast: Child genius Ronan Farrow sits down with Preet.

Podcast: Fresh Air talks crime and punishment in black America.

WaPo: Meghan Markle’s biggest impact won’t come from her race; The making of Meghan Markle.

Blog: Three IEPs in one year?! In solidarity with Three’s a Herd mama.

White women: Put your phones down and stop calling the police for racist BS. Check yourself if you think a man walking a baby is “suspicious”.

HBO to air Adnan Syed investo-doc.

Podcast: Jake Tapper talks politics with Larry Wilmore.

WaPo: Lawyer who threatened to call ICE about Spanish speakers is now target of complaint.

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