March 18: You Aughta Know This Week

This week–our democracy is headed for the shitter.

I am interrupting my regularly scheduled neurodivergent news of the week post for the constitutional crisis we all expected. Any day now, Donald Trump will order Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller fired. And then we will be right back to the Nixon era.

From the Washington Post today:

After Trump’s personal attorney, John Dowd, called Saturday for an end to the Mueller probe, both Republican and Democratic lawmakers on Sunday urged the president and his legal team to cooperate fully with the investigation and warned of serious ramifications if they did not.

There were some Republicans who spoke out this morning, and many on the Left, warning Trump not to fire Mueller or there would be serious consequences. When you say things like that, it only makes it more appealing for Trump. This guy loves to stir the pot. Plus, he threatens everyone with a lawsuit, and never wins, so serious consequences to him are bad publicity that lasts for a full day before he can do something outrageous that changes the story.

It turns out that back in the Saturday Night Massacre portion of the Watergate scandal, firing the special prosecutor only hastened Nixon’s impeachment. But things are so partisan now that it’s hard to say how it will shake out in the end.

However, almost all the prognosticators agree, things are about to get haywire in American politics–and it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

Back next week with news of neurodiversity, unless Mueller is fired.

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  1. I still have faith in our system of democracy and most of all I have faith in the American people. We’ll vote the Republican majority out this year and there’ll be a different tune in Washington come next year.

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