March 17: On a Related Note

The books, articles and podcasts that made up my weekly media consumption.

Documentary film: Lawyers, Guns and Honey. Great doc for those wanting an update on colony collapse.

WaPo article and video: The unknown pain of Darrell Hammond.

For Hammond, the shift was crushing, which he detailed when he spoke to The Post last year. Hammond, who remains SNL’s announcer, says he’s now at peace with keeping his Trump in the past. He had moved to Los Angeles to get away from the constant questions, taping his intros remotely. Now he’s back in New York and has been a regular presence around Studio 8H. He says he’s ready if they ever ask him to appear again on screen.

Who had any idea such pain existed behind the scenes of the Baldwin Trump impersonation? A reminder that even those who can make us laugh until we cry may be suffering under the surface.

Book: We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

JAMA Study: American health care isn’t that weird (via NYT). Or is it?

There were two areas where the United States really was quite different: We pay substantially higher prices for medical services, including hospitalization, doctors’ visits and prescription drugs. And our complex payment system causes us to spend far more on administrative costs. The United States also has a higher rate of poverty and more obesity than any of the other countries, possible contributors to lower life expectancy that may not be explained by differences in health care delivery systems.

Senator Doug Jones votes against the people who put him in office. White people need to hold him accountable.

JezeRoot: Women who fought racism and sexism.

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