6 Podcasts to Help You Keep Fighting During the Trump Administration

No offense to Credo, but this post about six podcasts for the Trump era was a little male-heavy for my tastes.

My list follows. It was incredibly difficult to narrow this down to just six podcasts, meaning there are plenty of female podcasters who were overlooked for the Credo list.

Call Your Girlfriend

If you have to pick one, this is it. Every episode is good, but my favorite from the last year is a very weird one named “Can’t Believe We’re Talking about Nazis (Or She Sheds)” which launched me down an Internet rabbit hole I never could have predicted. She sheds, obviously.

Stuff Mom Never Told You

Two DC women talking politics. Sounds simple but it at once gives me the comfort of being back in the District talking politics and getting a new perspective on an issue I’ve debated dozens of times. Comfortable yet mind-expanding. A recent episode on Aziz Ansari and the #MeToo movement is a good entry point to the podcast.


Two of the three Undisclosed hosts run a podcast about Trump, but this podcast with a third co-host is dare I say better because it takes you away from the political nightmare of the hour and absorbs you in a real-life wrongful conviction case where something actually could potentially be done to help the person wrongly convicted. This podcast started because of one host who had a personal relationship with Adnan Syed, wrongfully convicted of a 1999 murder. If you liked Serial, you’ll love season one of Undisclosed.

Slate Represent

Pop culture through the lens of social justice focused on the experience of people of color. This episode, about the #MeToo movement, is my favorite of the last few months.

Movies that Matter

Two women review movies with social justice themes. My favorite was an older episode about The Lobster where the host Nicole Funari destroyed the movie because of several stupid directing decisions. I love that while they are focused on important issues, they have no problem ripping into schlock.

On One with Angela Rye

Political consultant and TV pundit Angela Rye shares extended thoughts on our political reality in this engaging pod. My favorite episode is this one where April Ryan destroys Omarosa for being the world’s worst friend.


  1. I have a hard time with podcasts or videos of people talking in general. I just can’t listen or focus on them. I need to read something for it to sink in. But these really do sound interesting – especially the first one!

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