January 27: On a Related Note

Anyone else noticing that society was OK with us taking down rapists and serial assaulters like Weinstein but that anything more is “a sex panic”? Time for the backlash against the backlash because we are nowhere near the end of this process.

Podcast: Fresh Air on the ‘Oldest Old’.

New York Times: The U.S. Can No Longer Hide From Its Deep Poverty Problem.

New York Times: Exercise Alters Our Microbiome. Is That One Reason It’s So Good for Us?

Podcast: Stuff Mom Never Told You on Aziz Ansari, #MeToo and the Media. For those feeling like women are finally able to tell their stories, this episode will rock you to your core.

Podcast: Stuff Mom Never Told You episode asking will #TimesUp end sexual harassment?

Podcast: Steve Silberman (!!!) on the Tilt Parenting podcast.

Book: The Sleep Solution by Chris Winter.

The Atlantic: This is not a sex panic.

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