January 21: You Aughta Know This Week

One year under Trump, the challenges of organizing with attention problems, the fake causes of autism, and more.

This Week in ADHD

What do I do about all the piles?

My list of articles and podcasts for the week.

This Week in Autism

A gigantic list of all the so-called causes of autism.

Using assisted technology to talk does not mean a person is deaf. Ugh.

This Week in Women

Women’s March the Sequel.

This Week in Politics

The damage Trump has done by former ally Joe Scarborough.

Many are taking note of the one year mark of the current oval office occupant this weekend. My quarter of the Internet believes, rightly so IMHO, that Trump has done so many awful things that it may take lifetimes to put things right.

While he has run arguably the most laughably awful West Wing in the history of West Wings, somehow he has enacted far more evil legislation than the paltry record of Congressional “successes” this term would suggest possible in the Republican Party.

For those keeping score at home, Nixon didn’t resign until August 1974, when he had been in office 31 months (in his second term) and his crime was committed around the time Trump’s family held a treasonous meeting with Russians in the campaign cycle. If we could speed up the timeline because of the incredibly stupid and brazen nature of Trump and company’s crimes, and if America has seen obstruction of justice before so it’s not inconceivable, even then we still have many more months to suffer through this Administration. And we can’t just sit and wait, we must continue protesting as more and more of our community members are irreparably harmed.

That begs the question of how our country gets through this. I lived through the Bush II years and even that feels quaint compared to the real danger of 2018 with a madman at the helm. There are no good answers. There is no solution. We have to resist.

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