2017: You Aughta Know This Year

For some, this was the worst year ever. For others, 2017 was a continuance of horrifying treatment plus having to hear those who have had seemingly every advantage complain about relatively minor things. I feel incredibly privileged (and I am) to be writing about my child having a condition versus those writing who have lost family members to police violence or whose lives have been torn asunder by changing immigration laws, Republicans taking away health care access, or by being sexually harassed at work.

“Justice too long delayed is justice denied.” -Martin Luther King

The articles below are about neurodivergent acceptance, the ongoing battle against sexism, and a few health care explainers. Thanks to everyone who has read my posts over the last six months.

This Year in Autism

1. Buzzfeed on Fake Autism News: Nearly 50% of all online news on autism is fake.

2. Brain Plasticity and Autism: Twenty minutes a day to change your life.

This Year in ADHD

3. The Mental Load of Mothering with ADHD: All parents struggle. ADHD makes it harder to get things done, especially tasks that fall to mothers.

4. The Unbearable Awesomeness of Being a Parent with ADHD: How I manage parenthood with ADHD.

5. Awareness Isn’t Acceptance: To accept ADHD and those with the condition, you must accept the wide range of symptoms associated with it. ADHD is the inability to control what you focus on, not the inability to focus completely.

This Year in Women’s Issues

6. We’ve Only Scratched the Surface: Women aren’t safe at work no matter what precautions we try to take to avoid sexual harassment and assault.

7. Just Trying to Do Our Jobs: Women who just want to go to work and do our jobs without being harassed are being blamed for causing their own harassment.

This Year in Health Care

8. Game Changer: All Payer Rate Setting: Could we control health care costs and eliminate medical debt with all-payer rate setting?

9. Explainer: Single Payer vs Universal Coverage: Will Medicare-For-All really cover everyone? Not necessarily.

10. Deep Dive: Why Health care is so expensive: Unpacking why Americans pay more for worse health care.

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