Brain Plasticity and Autism

Sharing because it’s great: My soul sister Neurodivergent Rebel recently released a short video on neuroplasticity to whet your appetite.

She also has another great video about compassion that ties in to this topic.

Over the weekend, I was at a workshop on presenting yourself authentically where we all sat around and practiced eye contact. This was a workshop for NT, I should say. The workshop talked about posture and a variety of other things that make an outsized impact on how you and your ideas are judged. 

At the end, several participants were asking about how to implement the changes she suggested. The teacher told us if we practice for one minute per day for 20 days, we could learn almost anything related to changing habits. 

When Neurodivergent Rebel talked about using meditation to improve on her skills, it struck a chord with me after my workshop.

It is amazing how much you can change your life practicing for a few minutes each day. 

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