Just found Autistic Self Advocacy and I’m very excited. What a great resource!

Here’s how to speak your mind to your Members of Congress during the August recess:
Attend a public event. Your Members of Congress might be holding town hall meetings or other public events. These are excellent opportunities to directly ask questions and hold them accountable for their answers. To find out if there’s a town hall or other public event coming up near you, visit and type in your zip code.

Set up a meeting. Face-to-face meetings leave the strongest impression on Members of Congress and their staff. To find your Members of Congress’ local offices and make an appointment, visit and type in your ZIP code. Under the contact information for each Representative or Senator, there is a list of their local offices.You can go by yourself, or go with a group.

The article I’ve linked to is one about keeping up pressure on Congress over recess and it is an important one.

Congress returns September 5.

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