June 23: On a Related Note

If it’s not obvious from limited posting, I’m in the midst of a busy time in my life. Some of the items below are old, but I’m just seeing them now.

The Root: He was remarkable.

NY Times: Anthony Bourdain Was the Kind of ‘Bad Boy’ We Need More Of.

Podcast: CYG covers #himpathy in May 25 Glass Shovel Brigade episode.

NYTimes: Comey on IG’s report.

Podcast: Ezra Klein tries to talk sense into Dan Harris, and fails. I used to love Dan Harris but he seriously cannot empathize with anyone other than Charles Murray.

Problematic fave: Autism and unusual zinc-copper cycles in utero and allergies and autism.

NY Times: Dick Leitsch, Whose ‘Sip-In’ Was a Gay Rights Milestone, Dies at 83

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