March 31: On a Related Note

The articles, podcasts, etc., that shaped my week.

Black families matter: How the child welfare system punishes families of color.

The mass removal of Black children from their families in some ways parallels the U.S. criminal legal system’s mass removal of Black men and women from their communities.

Why diversity matters in March For Our Lives movement.

At a Friday night interfaith prayer vigil held at the National Cathedral, one of the most powerful speakers was the gun-control activist Lucy McBath, whose seventeen-year-old son Jordan Davis—her only child—was shot to death by a white man who’d objected to the volume of music playing from Davis’s car in a gas-station parking lot. The speakers at Saturday’s rally included students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas, who talked about the sudden intrusion of terror into their lives on February 14th, and young black and Latino activists from Chicago and Los Angeles who talked about the threats they faced from guns every day.

Stephon Clark autopsy finds he was shot in the back and they let him suffer for several minutes. WTF.

“We need to know if you’re O.K.,” an officer yelled about three minutes after the gunfire ended. “We need to get you medics but we can’t go over to get you help unless we know you don’t have a weapon.”

Dr. Omalu said the autopsy suggested that Mr. Clark lived for three to 10 minutes after the shooting, adding to questions about the amount of time it took to get him treatment. Medical assistance did not arrive until about six minutes after the shooting.

Dr. Omalu said that he could not determine if Mr. Clark would have survived if he had received medical attention more quickly, but “every minute you wait decreases probability of survival.”

From Kamala Harris on Twitter.
A reminder about Trump’s budget:
✂ Cuts Medicaid by $1.1 trillion
✂ Cuts Social Security by $72 billion
✂ Cuts Medicare by $266 billion

No one can argue that our nation is made stronger by cutting these priorities. Families and seniors would suffer. It is immoral.

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