March 10: On a Related Note

Media consumed this week: pharmaceuticals, Republicans are the do-nothing Congress of all time, black disability history and more.

Dirty Money-Drug Short episode: The major point, from Senator Claire McCaskill, is that we all pay the price for bad pharmaceutical actors.

Republicans won’t take responsibility nor act. Vote them out!

Why Black Disability History Matters.

Whoa. Guess the NDA is already invalid once you sue and acknowledge its existence.

WaPo Magazine: Black Politics 2.0.

Winston Churchill is a war criminal.

When does Hope Hicks get to ditch the “former model” label? When the media is sexist against people with whom we disagree, why don’t we call them out?

Raising a sweet boy in the era of angry men.

Everyone is miserable–an article describing how to address it. Interesting points:

Hari interviews dozens of social scientists around the world who’ve studied various aspects of depression and unhappiness. His concludes that what causes these conditions most of all is a lack of what we need to be happy, including the need to belong in a group, the need to be valued by other people, the need to feel like we’re good at something, and the need to feel like our future is secure.


  1. Loved the Raising a Sweet boy piece. I think I did in an era where that was even more unacceptable than now. I gave him dolls instead of guns.


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