February 24: On a Related Note

Interesting and/or appalling media I consumed this week.

Black Panther analysis.

Plum Line (in the WaPo): Republicans don’t want to talk about Russian election meddling because they stand to benefit from it.

NPR execs warned about news chief repeatedly, only acted when his inappropriate behavior made the news. Really puts a damper on fundraising when you ignore sexual harassment that impacts half the population. Can only imagine the fury of female employees.

Actually, we’re not all just a little autistic.

Only 600 unread emails? Larry Wilmore, I have nearly 85,000 unread.

Blog post: Your first thought is rarely your best or why you should spend more time thinking and less time doing.

Blog: Mamademics explains why she would take her child out of school if teachers are armed. This is a must-read.

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