January 13: On a Related Note

The books, podcasts and articles from the last week that made an impression.

Video: Oprah 2020!

Bitch Media: Outside of Oprah, the Golden Globes Were a Hot Mess. Money line: why are there still firsts at the Golden Globes, 75 years in?!?

Nylon: What Serena Williams shows us about Black Women and Motherhood.

And now, Williams has had her baby, and I suspect she knows that her baby is being watched. Serena is not only called to perform perfect motherhood but her child, Alexis Olympia Ohanian, will one day be called to perform perfect childhood. This is the wrinkle above Serena’s eyes, the one she can’t relax away on the cover of magazines. It is why, when the stage we’re on is not our own, the performance of carefree black women, of all black people, will always be performative. We know we’re always being watched. We know how necessary it is to be careful. We know that very quickly the awe may transform into violence if we say or do the wrong thing. Despite this, people like Williams go forth.

NPR: The Sexual Assault Epidemic No One Talks About (via The Arc). Trigger warning: sexual assault. A very real topic that is so upsetting that people avoid it, yet people with intellectual disabilities are still being raped.

San Francisco Chronicle: Bay Area Tech Exec Raises $ For Roy Moore Accuser. A suspicious fire that may or may not have been arson and a sympathetic exec.

New York Times: Trump orders 200k Salvadorans Out.

Podcast: Tim Ferriss has Sharon Salzberg on to talk meditation and how it impacts her life. Hugely relatable and not even a little holier than thou.

Podcast: Fresh Air on the future of Alzheimer’s research.

Vox: Serena Williams is the latest example of a black woman ignored by the medical establishment and mistreated after birth–luckily she lived. Another story to make your blood boil.

Podcast: Lena Waithe on Fresh Air discussing Master of None and The Chi.

Podcast: Stay Tuned with Preet talks more Mueller strategy.

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