Burning Bridges Light His Way

Trump is a bridge burner almost for sport. Now an even bigger nuker of relationships has revealed the underbelly of the White House and it’s bad.

GQ on Wolff’s Fight and Fury:

But Wolff didn’t do that. He did not engage in some endless bullshit access tango. No, Wolff actually USED his access, and extended zero courtesy to Trump on the process, and it’s going to pay off for him not just from a book sales standpoint, but from a real journalistic impact. I am utterly sick to death of hearing anonymous reports about people inside the White House “concerned” about the madman currently in charge of everything. These people don’t deserve the courtesy of discretion. They don’t deserve to dictate the terms of coverage to people. They deserve to be torched.

The book is excellent if a bit beyond the line of laughing instead of crying.

Now we all know the awful truth and for the umpteenth time, when will a groundswell demand change?

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