November 19: You Aughta Know This Week

This week, the mental load of mothering with ADHD, autism is not a behavioral problem, pain acceptance was invented by people who don’t understand chronic pain at all, Sen. Al Franken apologizes for sexual harassment, and Roy Moore thinks he’s being persecuted.

This Week in ADHD

1. The Mental Load of Mothering with ADHD, or how I remixed neurotypical productivity and organizational advice for an ADHD brain.

This Week in Autism

2. Behavior Plan for Newly Diagnosed Autistic Children

For those who are offended, please don’t be. It’s an important reminder that autistic behaviors are not voluntary and should not be punished. More here.

This Week in Chronic Pain

3. This week, Sarah Kliff put out her latest podcast, originally entitled Pain Acceptance. Title has since been changed after it got ripped apart on social media.

Sarah herself has chronic pain so this podcast was surprising for its subject matter and her take on it.

For an outstanding rebuttal thread, check out this epic response from Medicaid Matt.

I’m not suggesting we should all be taking opioids to deal with chronic pain, but the idea that monitoring the severity of our pain should be scrapped for meditation and accepting our pain is ridiculous. This notion that those of us with chronic pain medicate because we can’t deal with pain levels in the 2-3 range is asinine. I’m probably in less pain than others with chronic pain and level 7 pain is a good day for me, medicated. I can’t take opioids and work, so I’ve tried almost everything but working from a sauna. Chronic pain limits your life because you can’t do very basic things like sit at a desk or walk up two steps to get into your building.

Lately, I’ve been mulling over a very different theory than accepting the pain. I have a colleague who is in the physical therapy field. One day we were chatting and I brought up opioids for back pain. Specifically the recent guidelines that recommend opioids only be given as a last resort.

Long ago, maybe 15 years earlier, I read an article that suggested many chronic pain conditions started with an actual injury that long ago healed, but the body held on to the pain response and continued to feel pain. My colleague nodded and went on to explain that a common symptom of a heart attack, pain in your left arm, isn’t actually pain in your left arm. This article has more:

This may seem strange since the arm muscles are not being damaged. However, the nerves stemming from the heart and those coming from the arm send signals to the same brain cells. This means that the brain is confused about the source of the pain.

Now, even knowing this, my pain doesn’t go away. It doesn’t matter that my pain is caused by body signals gone awry and I know it.

In short, pain acceptance is bullshit.

This Week in Politics

4. Senator Al Franken engaged in non-consensual kissing and groping in 2006 and was raked over the coals, apologized, and then people turned on the victim. And you wonder why no one wants to come forward.

5. Meanwhile Roy Moore claims the allegations against him, more than 30 at this point, are all false. He compares himself to Jesus. proclaims the state has a moral imperative to vote for Doug Jones.

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