November 12: You Aughta Know This Week

I tried to write a post about Roy Moore and I just cannot do it. I saw on Twitter earlier that 29% of Alabama voters said they would be more likely to vote for him now that these allegations have surfaced. Seriously?

We already knew things were bad. November 6, 2016 wasn’t even the first sign. How many people have been executed by the police for sitting in a car reading, knowing their rights when pulled over, jaywalking, driving to work in the morning, waiting for the library to open and calling the police to their own house to apprehend a burglar?

How is this a political issue and not a moral issue?

How did our country get to the place where children aren’t safe at school or church anymore because no one in Congress will allow regulations on guns, because hunting/freedom/people kill people. This defies logic. Kids have active shooter drills in schools now.

How is this a political issue and not a moral one?

And now it’s OK for a deputy district attorney in his thirties to go to divorce court and hit on teenage girls, knowing full well the legal minimum age of consent. This is the kind of guy you wouldn’t trust alone with your pet goldfish. He’s already shown he won’t follow laws he doesn’t agree with, and now he could be elected to the U.S. Senate.

It isn’t just Twitter trolls condoning this, it is right wing TV commentators. When Keurig decided they weren’t down with advertising on a show where consent was optional, they were attacked by Twitter bots rumored to have been sent by Russia.

I saw a number of interesting articles about ADHD and autism, but if this guy doesn’t drop out of the race, it really doesn’t matter. There has to be a limit somewhere to this tolerance to injustice. Please let this be it.

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