October 29: You Aughta Know This Week

It was the best of times, it was the I.A.C.C. Another week of neurodiversity.

This Week in ADHD

1. Are there 7 subtypes of ADHD? This piece explains the theory.

This Week in Autism

2. Complete shit show at the I.A.C.C. thanks to out of control autism parents. A case study in what not to do.

“Many people with [with high support needs] are not able to come to the table and represent themselves and so they rely on their parents who I promise you do not give birth hoping that one day they’ll be able to file for guardianship to represent them. My daughter for example would not be able to physically sit at this table for more than five minutes… Because of her intellectual disability, she would not be able to really understand the conversation or advocate in any way for policies that would support her civil rights. So there is a large segment of our population that rely on parents to advocate for them.” Singer seemed completely unaware that there are many advocateswith intellectual disabilities working in policy. She went on to question the validity of using “autism” to describe autistic members of IACC and people “like her daughter.” She then claimed, “just by sitting here and watching [autistic members of IACC] interact,” she could diagnose that her child is not like autistic adults who speak.

This reminds me of a blog I discovered last week–A Diary of a Mom–which is an amazing resource for parents. The author has a great point of view on how parents can be advocates for all children with autism, not just their own. I can’t imagine a scenario where my mom would be more qualified to talk/write about ADHD than another adult with ADHD would be. My mom is wonderful but no. Likewise, in the ADHD equivalent of the I.A.C.C., there’s no way my mom would be more qualified than an adult with ADHD to understand the condition. That’s the funny thing about these neurodiverse conditions. They can’t be simulated by watching people with the condition.

I feel awful for her daughter who probably can follow conversations much better than her mother knows.

This Week in Health Care 

3. It’s time for consumers who purchase health care through the healthcare.gov exchange to get their open enrollment on.

Open enrollment starts November 1!

4. For over three weeks, Republicans in Congress have failed to reauthorize the Children’s Health Insurance Program, despite a bipartisan deal. Finally, the House GOP announces there will be a vote but it’s not on the compromise. Instead, the House of Representatives will vote on a partisan bill that would make cuts to the Affordable Care Act.

This Week in My House

5. My son’s case manager visited with a local autism expert. We spent 90 minutes talking appropriate therapies, school strategies, and adults with autism.

For my part, I discussed my reluctance to enroll my son in ABA therapy. I don’t want him being taught compliance, and I don’t want him to be forced not to stim. The autism expert said something great that I really took to heart. If a therapist wants to do things that go against our family values, then that’s not the right therapist for my son. While it seems obvious, it is hard not to feel overbearing if/when I demand specific forms of treatment despite the lack of a medical background. I’ll start practicing my mama grizzley routine for Halloween.

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