October 16: You Aughta Know This Week

A miserable week for health care and for women who would prefer not to be assaulted.

1. Harvey Weinstein was expelled from the Academy of Motion Pictures, from whom his studios have received 80 Oscars, according to the news alert I read Saturday. How many people in the academy knew what he was doing for decades and did nothing, Matt Damon, ahem? For shame.

2. The week kept on coming with reports on Ben “Buttman” Affleck and other men (BitchMedia article) who couldn’t define consent if it was tattooed on their arm.

3. Women boycotted Twitter on Friday after the social media platform suspended the account of a victim of Harvey Weinstein’s and did absolutely nothing whatsoever as Jemelle Hill was trolled and threatened by racists on Twitter after her undeserved and ridiculous suspension. Women of color said hey guys, we are actually here too, which meant many of us spent some time on Twitter Friday signal boosting women of color. That’s something we should do every day.

4. I saw a powerful post online, I Have Been Raped By Nicer Men Than You, the point of which made glaringly obvious by the comments section littered with scumbag guys victim blaming.

5. And Trump nuked the Affordable Care Act this week, signing an executive order allowing junk insurance and weaker regulations on health care groups.

He put the cherry on top of the $#it sandwich with an announcement later that day that the government would no longer be paying CSRs, the subsidies that allowed millions to afford health insurance. This was a coldly political move. How can you allow a popular program that insured millions to continue, making your supposed-opponents look good?

A recent CBO study said that all insurance rates may increase by 20% due to Trump’s CSR decision. My family buys insurance through an exchange and our premiums are going up 28%, and we don’t receive subsidies, so that’s money out of our pockets we cannot recoup ever.

And politics won’t matter much to the 18,000-27,000 who will die if millions lose insurance, as expected.

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