The Tale of the Toddler Bed

Three years ago I was pregnant with my first son whom I became convinced needed to sleep in a four-in-one crib.

I say this because now that he is two, I cam clearly see that a regular crib probably would have been the better option. However, we have all the parts to make a toddler bed (and more!) and so we began Operation Bed Swap.

With my ADHD battling every fiber of my executive functioning, I managed to acquire a tower of Amazon boxes in order to childproof everything. My sister was in town, other family members came over to help. It still took three days to get the room set up.

We launched this week. First night was epic and not in a good way but my husband quickly realized we were doing it all wrong. I was copying what I had heard colleagues describe. It was not the best plan for my little guy, because autism, so we adapted and it seems to be fine now.

He’s such a sweet little guy and he delights in so much. I love seeing his smile as he climbs into bed.

There is so much nastiness in the world, with the Senate failing to fund CHIP and dragging it out now. And Trump telling the feds to reject Iowa’s plan to stabilize their ACA market. And imminently, rolling back employee religious freedom in favor of owner religious freedom (birth control mandate). It’s enough to make a pessimist out of the cheeriest person, but somehow I’m still smiling and my son is asleep in his big boy bed.

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