No Matter What Happens, We Owe ADAPT Big Time

On Monday, the Senate held one, single, solitary hearing on the Graham-Cassidy bill. And the disability community was ready.

This was not the first time ADAPT had dozens of their members arrested for peacefully participating in the legislative process. So the shock of seeing disabled people dragged out of the hearing room was unfortunately more muted than it should have been.

But knowingly risking arrest, ADAPT showed up and made such a ruckus that the hearing had to be temporarily halted so the Cap police could remove people in wheelchairs watching a hearing.

Late Monday, the anti-Graham-Cassidy coalition, led by ADAPT’s selfless and awe-inspiring protests again today, seemingly got our win. A third Republican Senator announced she would vote no.

However, until we’ve made it to the other side of September 30, anything can happen. 

If you don’t follow @NationalADAPT on Twitter, you should. While you’re on their Twitter feed, check out their videos from yesterday.

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