What’s Access Got to Do with it?

While article about the Senate Republicans and their attempts to destroy the ACA were still on front pages across the nation, Sen. Bernie Sanders and other top 2020 Dems were announcing a plan to cover every American in four years.

Bernie has introduced this bill many times, and the last time he did so in 2013, he did so to crickets, alone.

This year, in addition to being flanked by frontrunners for the 2020 Democratic nomination, Sanders had a number of people who spoke to the importance of access to care, including a doctor and a nurse. Caregivers. What a concept.

The first question most had was how much does it cost? The Sanders office released detailed information on what changes he’d make to the tax code to bring in more revenue, The numbers actually look pretty good.

Unfortunately, this bill isn’t going anywhere this year or next. But it means the next time there is an opportunity to debate humane answers to societal issues, the Democrats have a plan.

Most important, this plan would save trillions of dollars.

One major con: it would wipe out the insurance market, making hundreds of thousands of Americas unemployed. 

Those of us with a need for various therapists, like speech and physical, or medical equipment (“medical durables”) would be wise to suspend judgment and advocate for benefits for things beyond doctor visits and prescription drugs.

Why? Well, while this would certainly make health care cheaper and easier, if it doesn’t have provisions for treatment we need, it’s not going to be cheaper. It’s going to be a big problem.

I spent several weeks intensely studying the British health care system while a family member needed care. It is different. Care doesn’t happen as quickly, and a simple Google search can tell you some waiting lists can take several months to clear.

While none of these items I mentioned are unfixable, we should make sure there are answers for people in our community.

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