Awesome Interview with ADAPT Leaders

I cannot do these interviews justice, but check out this great piece by the founder of the Disability Visibily Project, Alice Wong, where she talks with three ADAPT leaders.

One highlight:

Marilee: Social media has given a voice to everyone. While the mainstream media plays a major role, social media augments the message.

Dominick: I am so grateful I live in a time where I can be stuck at home, and still participate. Without social media I never would be able to be a part of ADAPT. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this team, and to protest the injustices against our community in any way I can! As bad as social media can be for bullying and micro aggressions, as well as downright discrimination, it also has opened up the world for many of us with disabilities and helped provide us with a sense of community. It is how many of us disseminate and receive news, so social media has really changed the way news is delivered. It’s imperative to getting any message out.

We can all do something to fight for our communities in the era of social media, and it all adds up to something amazing.

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