September 1: You Aughta  Know This Week

Here are the links that expanded my world this week. 

1. Hurricane Harvey hits Houston and what happens to disabled people?

2. Minimizing sensory overload. Suggestions for parents to use for their kids with sensory processing disorder. Great. Will use for my own SPD issues as well. #ScheduleSilence FTW.

3. Who’s Protecting the Young, Black & Gifted Disabled-by Rebecca Cokley and David Johns.

If you care about a Black disabled young person, you should know that there is no way they will not be targeted in the months ahead. The attack is already underway and those of us who can speak out, must. Our babies and their future demand it. Schools are meant to educate children and youth, not find ways to push them out.

4. Shoshana Kessock on disability erasure in dystopian sci-fi

I used to indulge in this game myself with my friends. But these days, when the subject comes up, I get very quiet. Because there’s only one answer: 

I die.

5. Why disabled people are concerned with the rise of neo-Nazis beyond the obvious white supremacy. 

6. Two autistics take down Atypical, that burning pile of trash masquerading as a show to promote autism awareness. 

Also introduced me to NOS magazine and Black Autist.

7. Book: All the Weight of Our Dreams: On Living Racialized Autism

8. The health care debate starts next week and already we know access to care is in jeopardy. Will block grants reduce care and treatment for the almost 75% of disabled kids on Medicaid?

9. Old AF podcast from ASF that discusses the obvious link between autism parents and their kids, namely autistic kids often come from parents with autistic traits. This idea of autistic traits fascinates me given the lack of autism firsthand knowledge most Americans have. 

They are aware of autism but do not know they know people with autism, because the awareness doesn’t move the needle of actual understanding. Autistics aren’t like that walking stereotype, one dimensional kid on Atypical.

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