When You Know, You Know

Robyn over at Autism in Our Nest posted a tearjerker about her son’s progress on his path to kindergarten and beyond.

I am so happy that he has transitioned so well to school. The extra time in preschool, the extra attention to his needs – as frustrated as I was in the past, it was all WORTH IT.
Which made me think to the post I wrote one year ago. I was frustrated. I was sad. But I knew in my heart that everything was going to be okay.
So as I sit with my smile I look back at that post and share it again today. It just wasn’t his time then. It is now.

May those in their darkest days take hope from her post. I know I did today.


      1. I’m glad that it helped you. I agree – sometimes it is really hard to see the light. I was able to reflect yesterday and see the change. I hope things get better for you – thinking of you!


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