What we talk about when we talk about speech delays 

Short answer: theory. Which is not the same as actionable steps to help your toddler with ASD start speaking.

I finished listening to what has become my favorite podcast of late, the Autism Science Foundation’s excellent breakdown of new ideas in research.

This episode was about links between teaching language to deaf vs. autistic youth. There is a lot to unpack and I would not do it justice.

However, I did in particular find a section concerning challenges in gaining the attention of a deaf vs. autistic child to be very relevant. My son can talk but he’s not saying much. He does not understand the concept of saying new things instead of using the words he already knows combined with non-verbal means to get the message across. 

One of the toughest things about having a child with special needs is incorporating the advice and assignments from a range of therapists and teachers into actionable lessons for your child. I know my son has a lot he wants to tell me and I see his pride when he learns something new. But I still wish I could have a simple book or guide to tell me what to do, instead of having to formulate it myself.

In lieu of such a guide, I stumble along picking up pieces from podcasts and research like that discussed in the ASF podcast.

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