Autistic Retrospective and the #ActuallyAutistic

Please see below for information and a link to Laina Eartharcher’s blog where she discusses HER idea of an autistic retrospective.

I doubt I am the only parent of autistic child who wonders if maybe he/she is also on the spectrum, especially when your child is newly diagnosed. So many things my son does seem totally unremarkable to me but yet are markers of autism. They are my normal because I do them too or my parents did or a sibling used to do them, etc.

Also tricky because some of the autism diagnosis is a question of degree. So one person’s hyperfocused is another person’s obsessive interest. 

In addition, I found out at a very late age that I have ADHD so I am primed to wonder if things I felt were normal are actually symptoms of something more.

All that to say this post on autistic retrospective really struck a nerve with me. The processing that can happen as you slowly begin to suspect, investigate and finally realize. I look forward to reading about her thoughts but will take this as a preview.

But there was a lot of processing going on behind the scenes. These were accompanied by micro-thoughts and micro-emotions (although both felt quite “macro” to me at the time), that I never wrote about and thus y’all missed out on at the time.

In the short time period I’ve been learning about autism and finding out everything I thought I knew was wrong, I have been struck by how unbelievably welcoming and wonderful the autistic part of the autism community is. And it is a community that shares their experiences to help others. 

I’ve heard that some autism parents can be rude and dismissive of the experience of autistic adults. It makes it all the more amazing that in spite of this, autistic people continue to share knowing they may get ignorant comments. 

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