Will Twitter Punt Responsibility, Again?

Important open letter to Twitter asking them to act on deadly tweets.

How strong is your argument if you try to kill people who disagree? And why does Twitter take so achingly long to protect users who are targeted? 

More information from My Autistic Dance below.

A couple of weeks ago, on and around August 10th there was yet another long-running argument being conducted on Twitter between anti-vaccine supporters on the one hand and autistic advocates on the other.
You’re probably thinking, “So what?” These arguments go on almost constantly and what does it matter? Well, events this time transpired differently when one of the participants tweeted a strobing GIF to somebody who had earlier identified themselves as having photosensitive epilepsy.
I was participating in that heated discussion. The flashing GIF was tweeted to a very dear friend of mine and came within a whisker of triggering a seizure. The person who sent it followed up by asking if the recipient was dead: it was absolutely clear that they intended to cause harm


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