Something Happening Here

Many Americans watched with horror as tiki light-carrying Nazis and KKK members marched in Charlottesville over their supposed oppression as white people. Oppression is apparently having to curb your racist views publicly. 

The autism community is right to be concerned about this sort of shit because Nazis killed anyone who didn’t meet their narrow definition of Aryan, and we all know children with autism were some of the first to be murdered

And if we are being intersectional, which we should be, people of color with autism are dealt a very difficult hand. When disabled African Americans are shot and killed while reading in their car, it is easy to see that stimming while black is incredibly dangerous. 

I read this awful story this morning. Via ThinkProgress.

Other images on the page are even more explicit. One shows a smiling baby photo of Adolf Hitler. Another has Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, whom many in American white nationalist movements support, emblazoned with the word “undefeated.

This is sick and twisted and a danger to everyone in the US. 

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