When my son was referred for an autism evaluation, I started reading. There was so much information, including anti-vaxxer schlock and studies up the wazoo. How in the world was I going to figure out what to do for my child when there are so many options and a veritable flood of information to review.

I happened upon the book NeuroTribes by Steve Silberman and it is a great first book on autism for parents trying to make their way. One of the most important points Silberman makes is that children with autism should, if possible, participate in setting their own care. There were a lot of horrifying moments in his book that will infuriate you. The history of autism is littered with abuse. Fundamentally it shows that a parent’s love for a child can have a major impact for good, especially children with autism.

But most importantly, the book tells the story of people with autism who are misunderstood and mischaracterized by doctors and others. It is fundamentally hopeful and a rallying cry for neurodiversity.

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